Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Farm-to-table in Wisconsin--A lifestyle

What is now a marketing campaign and movement around the US has always been the way things are in Wisconsin: a farm-to-table dining experience. With its natural surroundings and a thriving agriculture industry, Wisconsin prides itself with fresh and healthy produce served in homes and restaurants around the state.

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To uphold this culture, many restaurants and markets in Wisconsin feature farm-to-table food. Annually, special farm-to-table dinners are organized to support the movement and t0 discuss local agriculture news, animal and environmental care, and the value of safe, fresh market produce.

The sustainability and social responsibility of farm-to-table practices are the reason why the movement has spread to other parts of the country. The emphasis is in supporting locally produced foods to support the municipality's economy, farmers, and food co-ops. Because of a more immediate source of food, there is less requirement for preservatives so the produce are more organic, healthy, and environmentally sustainable. The farm-to-table scene also eliminates long-distance transportation, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

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As a food critic, Angelo Talebi reviews restaurants, cafés, and street markets to discover Wisconsin's best food offerings. Likened to critics such as Gordon Ramsey, Talebi is stern and straightforward in his critique but less caustic. To know more about the Wisconsin food scene, subscribe to this blog.

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